A warm welcome is extended to all.  We are a small congregation offering traditional Episcopalian worship located in the village of Kemnay.

We are a part of the Donside link charges, centred around St Mary’s Church, Inverurie.  We also have strong links with the local Church of Scotland parish church.

We are a church situated within the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney of the Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.


Flexible Space – and the Llamas:

With the removal of the pews in 2013 we were able to open up the building for more uses and to allow for more flexibility within acts of worship.

The removal of the pews left distinct ‘ llama shape ‘ marks on the wood panelling.   Rather than simply painting over them we were encouraged to make the most of them ! Llamas were painted in by a young professional artist.   She had a close connection with the church being the granddaughter of our faithful Organist of some 60 years, and the great granddaughter of the Laird who had the church built back  in 1938.


The Organ:

The design of the church building had to be altered to accommodate this lovely Elliot chamber  organ when it was donated by the Pearson  family of Castle Fraser .   Built in 1816 for the vast drawing room at Castle Fraser, it is one of only two in Scotland (the other being at Scone Palace in Perthshire) and of the two , this is in the better condition!   It has accompanied the singing of hymns by the congregation for decades and on special occasions used for recitals by visiting Organists and other musicians.


The Church Garden:

At the rear of the church we have a peaceful garden.   A lovely place to sit after an act of worship on a warm Sunday with a cup of coffee, or at other times of the week for  a period of quiet reflection.

The benches are in memory of three long standing members of the congregation, who between them gave greatly to the life of the church and to Christian discipleship around Kemnay.   Their descendants are  active members of the church to this day.