Stained Glass Window

When St. George’s Episcopal Church at Folla Rule, near Rothienorman, was sold around 1980, episcopal churches in the area were offered the stained glass windows in the church. The cost for this was to fit a replacement window in place of the one removed. The new owner, however, expressed a wish that he would be better pleased to receive the financial value of a replacement window, which seemed a more sensible solution.

St. Anne’s at Kemnay were fortunate enough to be granted one of the windows and removal, subsequent remodelling and eventual installation at St. Anne’s was placed in the hands of Martin Fallery, a stained glass artist who was at that time attached to Pluscarden Abbey near Elgin. Having removed the window and transported it to Pluscarden, Martin spent around three days cleaning off the grime of almost eighty years to reveal the splendour of the window.

The window was originally installed in memory of Isabella Crawford Leslie of Rothie who died on 25th April 1904. Her husband was Lieutenant Colonel James Henry Graham Crawford of the Royal Engineers who had died in 1860. She inherited the estate of Rothie and Badenscoth from her father, Colonel Forbes Leslie of Rothie, following his death in 1877 and ran the estate for the next twenty seven years until her own death, when she was succeeded by her grandson Reginald Crawford Henry. The window was erected by her children and grandchildren.

It portrays Christ walking on the waves with a banner behind his shoulders which carries the text “It is I be not afraid.” Across the lower part of the window, in a panel above the dedication, are the words “Thou rulest the raging of the sea.”

Once Martin had cleaned the window, there then began the painstaking work of reshaping it to fit the opening at St. Anne’s. The window had to be trimmed down in width and the top portion had to be completely remodelled. Once all this work had been completed the window was fitted in St. Anne’s and Martin’s details can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the window in three panes of glass: “Adapted and restored by;” “Martin of Pluscarden Abbey;” “October 1981.”


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